Christa Wheat

Get to know Christa Wheat, Chair – Impact on Industry and Co-Chair – Indigenous Inclusion

When you’re flying, are you all about the window seat or the aisle seat?

Both! Either way I am going to be out cold, napping within the first five minutes after finding my seat. It’s my favourite nap time.  

How would you spend an afternoon in a new city?

First I would find all of the restaurants that has captured my eye then I would basically walk from one food place to the next – very food motivated. Other than that, no plans are the best plans just enjoy the present moment.

What new or rediscovered hobbies are you doing while practicing social distancing?

Baking has always been one of my favourite hobbies, during the pandemic I was baking a fair amount until I realized that I am now allergic to wheat which is very ironic because it also happens to be my last name.

How do you measure success in your career?

If I am returning to an Indigenous community and members feel comfortable coming up to me to share their perspective – that is when I know I have something special to offer for Indigenous communities, an opportunity to learn and to listen to their perspectives is the most important part of not only my career but also as an Indigenous member. That is when I feel the most fulfilled in my career knowing members have a safe space to bring up concerns, perspectives and solutions.

From who or from where do you draw inspiration?

My grandparents, they are amazing humans! They worked for the Canadian Government in the early 90’s teaching Heavy Duty Mechanics and English in Tanzania for five years and when the tsunami hit in Sri Lanka, my Grandparents were one of the amazing souls to take the same project they worked on in Tanzania but tailored it to Farming and English to help rebuild the community. And of course my Aunty Norma, if you haven’t met her yet, you probably should!