Katia Greco

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Get to know Katia Greco, YPAC Treasurer

When you’re flying, are you all about the window seat or the aisle seat?

When I am flying I must have the window seat because I am not a fan of airplanes and don’t like to move around a lot while they are in the air, it is also nice to be able to look out and see the view.

Name one item you can’t travel without and why

I cannot travel without my EpiPen. When going to new places, it is always interesting to try new foods, however, I am allergic to peanuts so when trying new foods I must carry my EpiPen at all times.

Outside of Young Pipeliners, I’m passionate about…

Building and collecting 3D puzzles (I have a total of 15 including all of New York and Hogwarts) and 3D Printing/upgrading my 3D printer.

Why did you join Young Pipeliners?

I joined Young Pipeliners while I was on an internship at TC Energy under the recommendation of one of the supervisors on my team. In getting familiar with Young Pipeliners’ mission I saw an area for growth with regards to students and in turn, started the UCalgary student chapter of Young Pipeliners. I wanted to ensure that students had access to affordable and convenient events to provide opportunities for networking and knowledge transfer regarding the pipeline industry before they can enter it.

What new or rediscovered hobbies are you doing while practicing social distancing?

Some rediscovered hobbies I have been practicing during social distancing are learning Italian as well as sewing.