Kshama Roy

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Get to know Kshama Roy, Calgary Chapter Co-Chair

How would you spend an afternoon in a new city?

Both I and my wife love to travel to new cities. While exploring a new city, we try to follow few regular kinds of stuff (e.g. go to the most unique local shops including a coffee shop, try the unique food, take a photo together at the most iconic place) and always one new thing that we haven’t tried before! For example, on our last trip to San Francisco, we stayed in a hostel (https://www.greentortoisesf.com/) for the first time rather than staying in a hotel and the experience was simply unique and amazing!

Outside of Young Pipeliners, I’m passionate about…

I am passionate about volunteering and making a difference in a community with my ideas! People who worked with me for a longer period know myself as an ‘Idea Generator’! Wherever I volunteer, I want to make my presence count – This I believe is the greatest passion of mine!

Best advice you’ve ever received? 

I believe that I possess an inherent knack for leadership which has been honed through the academic and non-academic leadership activities that I have led. I believe holding the positions of leadership is simply the happy outcome of seeking the chance to create change! I love reading quotes on leadership and the best advice I received is from Lao Tzu, a Chinese Taoist philosopher who quoted: ‘A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.’

Why did you join Young Pipeliners?

I always love to work with the young generation as I strongly believe that a brand new unique solution can only come from a fresh and innovative young brain that can see a thing from a completely new perspective! Therefore, my thought was that by joining the Young Pipeliners, I would be able to be part of a group of ambitious and innovative young professionals who are motivated to make a positive impact on our industry. Believe me or not, I was absolutely right!

How do you measure success in your career?

Success for me can best be achieved by continuously challenging myself, setting goals, and then meeting or exceeding those goals. I will consider myself successful in my career only when I will be remembered by my peers not only for contributing to society but also for motivating them in the same ideology.