Regional & Student Chapters

Spread nation-wide, our chapters provide the backbone of YEIP’s operations by delivering great focused events in regional and educational institution context.

BC Chapter

Co-Chair – Graham Pavlik
Co-Chair – Jolly Sun

Edmonton Chapter

Co-Chair – Amanda Bai
Co-Chair – Mohammad Pour

Calgary Chapter

Co-Chair – Joel Biftu
Co-Chair – Kshama Roy

Saskatchewan Chapter

Chair – Lincoln Sekkappan

Ontario Chapter

Co-Chair – Kara Edmonson
Co-Chair – Haley Forth

Atlantic Chapter

Co-Chair – Ben Corkum
Co-Chair – Robert LeBlanc
Co-Chair – Ashley Smith

Quebec Chapter

Chair – Mathieu Lambert

University of Alberta Chapter

Co-Chair – Yugant Manchanda
Co-Chair – Katie White

University of Calgary Chapter

Chair – Ishrat Oishee

University of Regina Chapter

Chair – Mohamed Ishaq

University of Western Ontario Chapter

Co-Chairs – Travis Cotterill & Sara Teasdale

Carelton University Chapter

Chair – Aisha Al-Zouaghi

Durham College Chapter

Chair – Keilah Mizraim Aleta