Empowering young professionals by listening and disseminating

To fulfill our mission of empowering young professionals to shape a sustainable future with energy infrastructure, YEIP launched its strategy anchored to two strategic pillars:

  • YEIP Listens: We want to Listen to what young professionals have to say. YEIP will Listen to YOU via Aha! platform, Podcasts, and other YEIP socials.
  • YEIP Disseminates: Listening without action is not enough. YEIP will listen to you via different YEIP platforms and then disseminate based on what we hear from you. We want our path forward to manifest what young professionals have to say.

We are in the midst of the most critical time in the history of our industry. The decisions that are made today will have a profound impact on young energy infrastructure professionals and their future career for decades to come.

From policy transformation to industry direction changes, we want young professionals, as future leaders of the industry, to be heard and shape their own future.

YEIP will create a platform for YEIPs to do that.