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The membership is free and open to anyone who identify as a young energy infrastructure professional. By signing up as a member, you support the organization’s mission of empowerment of young professionals to shape a sustainable future.

While there is no age limit to the membership, YEIP primarily aims to serve individuals who are 18 to 35 of age and currently study/work in the fields related to the infrastructure segment of Canadian energy industry. By signing up as a non-volunteering member of the organization, you subscribe to our newsletter, where you will be provided regular updates on the organization’s key progress, events, and initiatives.

Become a Volunteering Member

You can become a volunteering member by applying for (1) any of the open positions below or (2) general volunteer position by sending an application to, stating the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Volunteer position you are applying for (if specific; if not, it will be a general volunteer position)
  • Why you are interested in joining as a volunteer and how will your background make you successful in your volunteer role (max 250 words)

In addition to the benefits of non-volunteering membership, volunteering members act as our organization’s representatives in our dissemination efforts, participate in selection of new Directors (President, VP, and Treasurer/Secretary) bi-annually, and participate in key decisions and annual strategic planning process.

Membership lasts as long as you want it to. To cancel your YEIP membership, or for any other membership assistance, please send an email to