Leadership Team

Central Executives

Mandate: To provide executive oversight and lead strategic direction of the organization.

President: Ian Sug
Treasurer: Katia Greco
Vice President: Legal position served by Chair, Strategy Committee
Chairs of Each Committee & Chapter

Strategy Committee

Mandate: To lead the organization’s strategy development, strategy implementation, advisory board engagement, and technology management.

Chair & Vice President: Sue Duong
Lead, Strategy & Organizational Excellence: Amanda Chan

Membership Growth & Development Committee

Mandate: To grow and develop membership.

Chair: Ryan Stewart
Lead, Outreach: Mady Mojarad
Lead, Mentorship Programs: Jeffery Jen
Lead, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Gabriela Urrego
Volunteer, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Souvik Neogi
Volunteer & Advisor: Saharsh Shah

External Relations Committee

Mandate: To develop and maintain relationships with external partners including sponsors, industry associations, governments & regulatory bodies, and educational institutions to represent YEIP and young professionals.

Chair: Hannah Koenig

Marketing & Communications Committee

Mandate: To manage our digital communications channels including social media, email, and website to promote YEIP and support dissemination efforts.

Chair: Ishrat Oishee
Lead, Marketing & Social Media: Alan Zhu
Lead, Website & Platform: Ally Clark

Regional Representatives

Mandate: To attract young energy infrastructure professionals in respective regions, provide input from regional perspective to ‘YEIP Listens’ process, and lead dissemination efforts

Lead, Northern Alberta: Derek McLean

  • Volunteers: Itati Fleites Cordova, Amanda Bai

Lead, Southern Alberta: Joel Biftu

  • Volunteers: Jennifer Prystupa, Jen Bowie, Danvy Tran

Lead, British Columbia: Graham Pavlik & Jolly Sun
Lead, Saskatchewan: Lincoln Sekkappan
Lead, Ontario: Haley Forth
Lead, Quebec: Mathieu Lambert
Lead, Atlantic: Robert LeBlanc

Student Representatives

Mandate: To attract students interested in the energy infrastructure industry, provide input from student perspective to ‘YEIP Listens’ process, and participate in dissemination efforts

University of Calgary

  • Yaser Arafath Gulam Dhasthagir (President, YEIP University of Calgary)
  • Diya Hossain
  • Shannon Wong
  • Denise

Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Khashayar Ahmadi (President, YEIP Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  • Fereshteh Yahyayie
  • Fatemeh Reisi
  • Pouria Yavari
  • Bahareh Hashemibeni
  • Farzam Farahmand

Indigenous Inclusion Council

Mandate: To respond to the call for inclusion and reconciliation by developing meaningful dialogue and formal programs within YEIP.

Purpose: To create a framework to guide action and accountability for YEIP’s commitment to Indigenous truth and reconciliation.

Want to learn more? The IIC recommends the following materials to get started:

Indigenous Inclusion Co-Chairs: Christa Wheat, Aaron Monti

Advisor: Annie Korver