Governance & Executive

We are made up of 13 regional chapters and 4 Canada-wide organizational committees.  The chairs of each committee and chapter form the Central Executive Committee, along with President & CEO and Treasurer.  Our Central Executive Committee is guided by our advisory board.  The advisory board members include past Young Pipeliners presidents, senior leaders in the pipeline industry, academics, regulators, and representatives from our key partner organizations. 

Central Executive Leadership:

President & CEO: Ian Sug
Treasurer: Katia Greco

The Regional and Student Chapters provide the backbone of Young Pipeliners’ operations by delivering great events for our members and building a meaningful network of peers. 

Our committees handle the broad industry-wide activities and indicatives which support our operations.  The Impact on Industry Committee manage external partnerships with industry associations, educational institutions, and companies and engages with technical and code committees to ensure that Young Pipeliners is represented. 

Young Pipeliners’ Indigenous Inclusion Committee (part of impact on industry) is responding to the calls for Reconciliation through formal programs and meaningful engagement within Young Pipeliners.

The Value to Young Pipeliners Committee ensures that members and volunteers have a rewarding and meaningful experience across Canada while delivering our flagship event – the 2021 YPAC conference.

Organizational Success is tasked with maintaining and developing strong sponsor relationships.  The team engages, retains, and attracts advisors.

Communications, Marketing, and Government Engagement develops and executes a communications and marketing strategy to reach young pipeliners, industry, and members of the public.  In addition, they are responsible for developing and executing our government engagement strategy to reach municipal, provincial, and federal leaders to advocate on behalf of young pipeliners.