Values & Tenets

How do we live our values?

Creativity: we transcend traditional ideas, rules, patters, relationships to build something new
Bold Vision: with entrepreneurial zeal, we courageously take on challenges facing young pipeliners
Focus: we are clear and discerning with our plans and we devote our energy efficiently and effectively

Young Pipeliners Tenets


Climate Change:
Pipelines play an integral role in Canada’s ability to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Building, operating, and maintaining pipelines combats climate change and delivers reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. Canada contributes to equitable access to energy globally.

  • National Hydrogen, RNG, CCUS strategies
  • Reducing Pipeline GHG (Methane) Emissions
  • Enabling fuel switching (coal to gas) and natural gas power backing up renewable generation
  • Policy timelines and non-partisan evaluation of projects: natural gas and oil remain an integral part of the energy ecosystem – enabling renewables, net zero buildings, reliable grids, and exports
  • Energy and carbon efficiency in industry
  • Effective implementation of the clean fuels standard
  • Considerations for affordable and equitable access to energy for those most impacted by energy transition

Indigenous Reconciliation:
Pipelines advance Canada’s Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.  The pipeline industry fully engages with Call to Action 92 from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission. 

  • Meaningful consultation, respectful relationships, free prior and informed consent of Indigenous peoples
  • Inclusion of Indigenous peoples and perspectives in Young Pipeliners
  • Education for Young Pipeliners members about the history and legacy of residential schools, UNDRIP, Treaties and Rights, Indigenous law, and Crown duty to consult

Pipelines are a hub for innovation, and adopt advanced technology to ensure the safe, reliable, and environmentally outstanding transportation of fluids (oil, natural gas, water, hydrogen, carbon, etc).   Young pipeliners receive the support they need to excel.

  • Enabling innovation in pipeline safety, operations, maintenance, construction, environmental impact, and carbon emissions
  • Training and developing the next generation of high tech professionals and skilled trades people
  • Adopting and optimizing new technology
  • Research in reducing energy intensity of transported fuels themselves

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:
Pipelines are a diverse, equitable, and inclusive place to work.  Senior leaders listen to the perspective of young pipeliners and our input shapes strategy.   

  • Addressing systemic gaps in advancement and senior leadership for women, BIPOC, persons with disabilities and LGTBQ+ people in industry
  • Ensuring fair and equitable parental leave. Enabling flexible work accommodations accounting for the realities of child care and elder care
  • Industry and government engaging in two way dialogue with young pipeliners, through programs like Young Leader Advisory Boards
  • Pipeliners recognize and call out our own biases – conscious and unconscious – to create meaningful, sustainable change