Volunteer with Young Pipeliners

Why be a volunteer?

Volunteering for a Young Pipeliners chapter or committee enables accelerated professional development and builds skills that are outside of your day-to-day work.  Young Pipeliners provide leadership opportunities to young professionals in a variety of spaces including government engagement, developing technical standards, participating in research, networking with senior industry professionals, managing a team, social media and marketing, and leading the next generation.  

Young Pipeliners executives have access to senior experts and enable knowledge sharing about broad industry insights and issues.  Through our association with various partners, volunteers can engage in areas that complement, expand, and fulfil their work. Engaging in two-way dialogue about critical forces impacting the industry builds leadership capacity for members and catalyzes change in our key focus areas: Indigenous Reconciliation, Climate Change, Technological Innovation, and Diversity & Inclusion.  

Our organization facilitates strong connections and is an inspiring peer group.  The Young Pipeliners network is resilient, supportive, and meaningful.  Volunteering with Young Pipeliners provides members with access to senior industry leaders, research, innovators, and influencers.

Through our work, we positively impact the industry and enable our vision of the future – we want to make this an even better place to work.  We engage with industry, government, and companies to ensure that they are meeting the needs and concerns of the next generation.  We want to ensure that pipelines are a diverse and inclusive place to work where senior leaders listen to the perspective of young pipeliners and where our input shapes strategy in the areas of climate change, indigenous inclusion, and innovation. Guided by our values of creativity, bold vision, and focus, we are catalyzing change.

Where to Apply

We’re recruiting for executive roles for 2022 – 2023! Check them out here: https://ypacanada.com/we-are-recruiting-for-2022-2023/ We are also accepting general volunteer applications for 2021 via the same form

Volunteer terms are from January 2022 – December 2023, with a 2-3 month onboarding/transition period from October – December 2021.


  • Online application deadline – August 31, 2021
  • Candidate interviews completed – September 15, 2021
  • Selected candidates for all roles announced – September 30, 2021
  • Onboarding period – October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Organizational Structure:

YPAC has roles available in all of our committees, chapters, and advisory councils. New to the organization? Learn more here: Committees, Chapters, and Initiatives – YPAC (ypacanada.com)

Open Roles:

YPAC President – lead the organization in governance, strategy, team performance and external relations
YPAC Vice President – chief of staff, responsible for ensuring the organization runs smoothly and has the capacity, capability, and tools to execute on strategy
YPAC Treasurer – ensure that YPAC’s financial health, reporting, and cash flow are healthy and strong

Impact on Industry Committee
Committee Chair – develop and execute YPAC’s external partnerships strategy
Co-Chair, Regulatory – build relationships with regulators and ensure that the voice of the next generation is heard by decision making authorities
Co-Chair, Industry Associations: CEPA/CEPA F, CGA – manage existing and long-lasting relationships with key partner organizations
Co Chair, Research and Development: PRCI – build the capacity of YPAC to participate in international research
Co-Chair, Educational Institutions – manage relationships with universities across Canada and promote a cohesive strategy nation wide

Communications, Marketing and Government Engagement
Committee Chair – develop and execute YPAC’s communications and marketing strategy and the government engagement strategy
Co-Chair, Marketing and Social Media – grow and expand YPAC’s marketing reach through social and traditional media
Co-Chair, Government Engagement – be the organizations key resource for interacting with municipal, provincial, and federal governments

Organizational Success
Co-Chair, Sponsorship – ensure that YPAC has excellent relationships with our sponsors
Co-Chair, Advisor Engagement – collaborate with a high-functioning advisor group to execute and steer YPAC’s strategy
Co-Chair, Strategy – lead the roll out of the YPAC 5 year plan
Co-Chair, Organizational Excellence – with a focus on continuous improvement, help YPAC to govern the organization successfully and to build outstanding internal systems

Value to Young Pipeliners
Committee Chair – lead a team of individuals to deliver value to our membership across the country with an eye on growth
Co-Chair, 2023 YPAC Conference – design and deliver the flagship event of the organization
Co-Chair, Membership Value and Growth – create a strong value proposition for our membership base which attracts and retains young pipeline professionals throughout Canada

Co-Chair – lead the Calgary Chapter in delivering excellent local events and in building outstanding networks

Co-Chair x 2 – guide the Vancouver Chapter in expanding their regional reach and executing amazing events

Student Chapters
Co-Chairs for University of Regina, Western, and Carleton – we are looking to grow our student chapters in these regions, be a pioneer and kick off an official chapter at your school

Volunteer – General
Want to Volunteer with YPAC in another role? Check out our committees and advisory councils and let us know which one is of interest to you! Start as early as 2021!

If you would like more information about the Young Pipeliners Committees, Chapters, or Initiatives, email us at info@ypacanada.com!