Announcing the 2020-2021 YPAC Executive

The 2020-2021 YPAC Executive has been selected!  YPAC embarks on an ambitious plan for 2020 to serve our community of 1800 members by: building meaningful networks across Canada, eliminating barriers to development opportunities, enabling knowledge transfer, and providing a voice for young pipeliners.  Building the next generation of pipeline industry leaders requires creativity, bold vision, and focus.  We are so excited for the time ahead.  

President & CEO: Molly Beckel
Treasurer & CEC Advisor: Kevin Tsang
CEC Advisors: Peter Tanchak, Sarah Vandaiyar, Tran Mah-Paulson

Impact on Industry
Chair: Aymen Rashid
Technical/Code Committees: Michael Zhou
External: Laura Brown
CGA Representative: Lindsay Drozdiak
Value to Young Pipeliners
Chair: Stella Cunha
2021 YPAC Conference Co-Chairs: Sukhi Gill & Tiffany Yu
Member/Volunteer Attraction/Retention: Claudia Vasquez
Communications, Marketing, Government Engagement
Chair: Darren Hopkins
Government Engagement: Jason Cunha
Marketing/Social Media: Kshama Roy

Organizational Success
Chair: Zaida Rojas, Co-Chair: Chris Holliday
Sponsorship: Ian Sug
Advisor Engagement: Souvik Neogi
Regional Chapters
Vancouver Chair: Graham Pavlik   
Edmonton Chair: Nancy Manchak, Co-Chair: Amanda Bai
Ottawa Chapter: Aisha Al-Zouaghi
Southwestern Ontario Co-Chairs: Chad Gray & Kara Edmonson
Montreal Chapter: Mathieu Lambert
Regina Chapter Interim Chair: Sockalingam (Lincoln) Sekkappan
Calgary Chapter Co-Chairs: Justin deMontarnal & Ana Villarreal

Student Chapters
UCalgary Co-Chairs: Katia Greco & Dan Johnston
U of A Co-Chairs: Yugant Manchanda & Katie White

Welcome to our new outreach leads!
Shubham Garg, Valeria Blumentsvaig, Mohamed Rashid, Saharsh Shah, Cedric Bourbonnais, Aadrish Baloch, and Zach Wiebe

Welcome to our new YPAC team members!
Karthikeyan Sridharan, Aberlardo Ejesser, Ibrahim Gadala, Randell Hahn, Gordon Page, Aaron Monti

Thank you to our returning volunteers, committee members, and advisors.  Thank you to our new Communications, Marketing, and Government Engagement advisors Tim Shaw, Aysha Raad, and Jason Kostiw.  

We will be having our 2020 Annual Planning session in Calgary in January where we will be discussing how the committees fit together, and the responsibilities of each. 

Regional and Student Chapter 

  1. Deliver great events for members
  2. Create a meaningful network for young pipeliners

Organizational Success

  1. Maintain and develop strong sponsor relationships
  2. Engage, retain, and attract advisors

Key Deliverables for 2020:

  • Prepare an annual report for sponsors/advisors about YPAC & how sponsorship money is used
  • Meet with advisors at least once per year
  • Secure annual funding requirements

Impact on Industry

  1. Manage external partnerships with industry associations, educational institutions, and companies
  2. Engage with Technical and Code Committees to ensure that YPAC is represented

Key Deliverables for 2020:

  • CGA Partnership (Development)
  • CEPA Partnership (Maintenance)
  • CSA Z662 (Implementation)
  • ASME PSD (Maintenance)

Communications, Marketing, Government Engagement

  1. Develop and execute a communications and marketing strategy to reach young pipeliners, industry, and members of the public
  2. Develop and execute a government engagement strategy to reach municipal, provincial, and federal leaders to advocate on behalf of young pipeliners

Value to Young Pipeliners

  1. Ensure that members and volunteers have a rewarding and meaningful experience across Canada
  2. Deliver our flagship event – the 2021 YPAC conference
  3. Represent YPAC at Young Pipeliners International

Key Deliverables for 2020:

  • Lead the 2021 YPAC Conference
  • Volunteer attraction and retention (appreciation events)
  • Mentorship pairings
  • Member benefits – deliver a consistent value proposition across Canada (including new chapters)