Announcing the 2022-2023 YPAC Team!

Molly Beckel, Outgoing President & CEO

It is hard to believe that my tenure as YPAC’s President & CEO is coming to an end.  Leading this incredible team of individuals over the past two years has been a source of inspiration, learning, and energy for me every day.  ​

We accomplished a lot last year.  I am proud that the team continued to deliver stellar events and learning opportunities for our members.  We also found ways to ensure our organization was focused and effective as we adopted to the reality of running a virtual organization with volunteers and members spanning across the country.​

I am so excited to hand over the role of YPAC President and CEO to Ian Sug.  Over the past two years, Ian has acted as YPAC’s Treasurer and Sponsorship Lead.  He was instrumental in building the YPAC Strategy and launching the three pillared approach of Platform, Partnership, and Outreach.  Under Ian’s leadership, I can see the organization flourishing.  

Ian Sug, Incoming President & CEO

Since COVID-19 hit in 2020, YPAC had to adopt new ways of working. Moving our operations virtual enabled young pipeliners across the country to attend regional chapter events, and digital platforms have enabled YPAC to foster greater collaboration, networking, and professional development opportunities for our members.​

Looking ahead, uncertainty will be a theme that surrounds our industry in the coming years, and 2022 will be an important year for YPAC and its future. I look forward to working with our members, advisors, and partners to advance YPAC towards a sustaining organization that instigates positive changes to our society and industry for decades to come.​

Lastly, I would like to thank Molly for all her contributions and leadership as the President & CEO over the past two years. It has been my privilege to have worked with her to help build the next generation of leaders in our industry, and I look forward to having her as a member of our Advisory Board.​

2022-2023 Team

You’ll find our organizational structure below, and a list of chairs and co-chairs who are starting in January 2022.

YPAC Organizational Structure

Central Executive Committee

President & CEO, Ian Sug

Treasurer, Katia Greco

Impact on Industry         

Chair, Christa Wheat

Co-Chair (Technical Partnerships: CGA, ASME PSD), Michael Zhou

Co-Chair (Industry Associations: CEPA/CEPA F, CGA), Ryan Stewart

Co-Chair (Research and Development: PRCI), Chris Holliday

Co-Chair (Educational Institutions), Farzan Sahari Moghaddam

Co-Chair (Regulatory), Kesav Raghuthaman

Communications, Marketing, and Government Engagement

Chair, Darren Hopkins – Interim, recruiting for 2022

Co-Chair (Marketing & Social Media), Alan Zhu

Co-Chair (Website & Platform), Ally Clark

Co-Chair (Government Engagement), recruiting for 2022

Advisor & Curator – Nancy Manchak

Organizational Success 

Chair, Sue Duong

Co-Chair (Sponsorship & Advisor Engagement), Ana Villarreal

Co-Chair (Strategy & Organizational Excellence), Amanda Chan

Value to Young Pipeliners

Chair, Saharsh Shah

Co-Chair (Mentorship), Jeff Jen

Co-Chair (Conference)   OPEN

Co-Chair (Membership Value and Growth), Sylvester Agbo

IPC YEEC & YPI Co-Chair, Kshama Roy

YPI Co-Chair, May Marefat          

Innovation Advisory Council

Chair & Avatar Liaison, Lindsay Drozdiak

Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship Committee        

Chair, Nameeta Sharma

Indigenous Inclusion Committee

Co-Chair, Matt Thomas

Co-Chair, Christa Wheat

Co-Chair, Aaron Monti

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council  

Chair, Souvik Neogi


Co-Chair, Joel Biftu

Co-Chair, Kshama Roy


Co-Chair, Amandai Bai

Co-Chair, Mohammad Pourmohammadbagher


Co-Chair, Graham Pavlik – Interim, recruiting for 2022

Co-Chair, Jolly Sun


Chair, Sockalingam Sekkappan (Lincoln)

Southern Ontario

Co-Chair, Victoria Pollard

Co-Chair, Kara Edmonson


Chair, May Marefat – Interim, recruiting in 2022


Chair, Mathieu Lambert – Interim, recruiting for 2022


Co-Chair, Robert Leblanc

Co-Chair, Ashley Smith

Co-Chair, Ben Corkum


Chair, Ishrat Oishee

U of A   

Co-Chair, Katie White

Co-Chair, Yugant Manchanda

Durham College

Chair, Keilah Mizraim Aleta