Banff Pipeline Workshop: Key Takeaways

Zaida Rojas, YPAC Outreach Coordinator, Kevin Tsang, YPAC Advisor and co-founder, and Nancy Manchak, Edmonton Chapter Chair, share their learnings

For Zaida Rojas, Banff was a great opportunity to learn and get engaged:

3 key takeaways from 2019 Banff Pipeline Workshop

* The next incident is likely already in your data

* ILI technology is moving forward to the right direction to help the industry to detect/ monitor circumferential cracks

* Sharing & Collaboration Culture to take the Pipeline Industry to the next level   

Kevin Tsang had a different take:

TOP 3 Banff Takeaways

* The industry and the regulators are still struggling with public trust and acceptance

* There is innovation in safety management systems that can be explored from other industries such as aviation around government and regulation

* Canadian Pipeliners know how to have fun, collaborate, and share

Nancy Manchak focused on risk management and energy literacy:

* There is a growing trend to consider both probability of failure and consequence values for risk based threat management. This would be in comparison to prescriptive threat management, that can be limited when working with varied operating scenarios.

* A great amount of conversation focused on energy literacy, and how critical it is for all pipeline industry players to be involved with increasing the public’s knowledge on pipeline safety and reliability. Increased energy literacy can help to grow public trust in the pipeline sector.

* One session involved a risk management leader in the aviation industry. From this I recognized how beneficial it is to learn from other industries, and to have a diversity of voices involved when discussing how to advance processes.

* Pipeline abandonment remains a relatively new area for the industry, and additional research is needed to guide the development of future regulatory requirements.