Blockchain Application: From Hobbyist to Industrial Applications Recap

Have you wondered how Blockchain works? What about its energy footprint or impact on the Energy Industry? The YPAC Calgary Chapter was excited to welcome Alexandria Shrake, President and Co-founder at ENERGYMinute to present Blockchain Application: From Hobbyist to Industrial Applications.

Crypto-art, NBA Top Shot, Cryptokitties, and other blockchain based forms of culture and entertainment have hit mainstream society by storm. On the cryptocurrency investing side, the total crypto market is estimated to be worth over 2 trillion dollars. Blockchain platforms that underlie this exploding industry are being utilized around the world in various sectors with the energy industry being no different. Secure data transfers and field applications are on their way into the everyday energy workers arsenal of tools.

A challenge outside of the immediate purview of crypto-day traders and NFT enthusiasts is the astronomical energy footprint.

Weren’t able to attend or want to review? Enjoy the recording with ENERGYminute co-founder Alexandria Shrake as she shares the energy footprint behind her crypto-art collection and practical applications of blockchain in the energy industry.