Breaking Down Barriers

Results of “Developing the Next Generation of Pipeliners” Survey Released!

The development of young professionals is fundamental to creating the next generation of pipeline leaders. In April, YPAC presented to industry leaders at a Competency Seminar hosted by the U of C – “What do young pipeliners need from you?” challenged industry to consider four key themes when creating a competence framework: Applied Mentorship, Technical Leadership, Experience Breadth, and Values Alignment.

What emerged from the Competency Seminar was a need for further solutions that address the barriers faced by young pipeliners.  YPAC launched the Survey – Developing the Next Generation of Pipeliners to take stock of the current state of the industry.  YPAC will be hosting the first year of a 3-year summit in 2019 to look at these trends in detail.

What is going well?

1. Time and funding to receive formal training/development

2. Good access to field experience

3. Senior technical mentors and industry publications are available

a. Supportive networks/managers/teams and personal performance are the biggest perceived enablers for success

What could be improved?

1. There is a need to gain experience, but at many companies, encouragement to change jobs or a formal job rotation program is lacking

a. A lack of work opportunities/experience/access to advancement are the perceived biggest barriers inhibiting success

2. In house training and onboarding is below expectations

General observations

1. The values of young pipeliners and their companies’ values usually align. Respondents indicated that pipeline companies value the natural environment, positively impact people’s lives, and operate in a socially responsible manner

2. There is a general concern about the state of the industry itself – the need for solid and reliable industry is a key precursor to how people feel about their jobs

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