CEPA Foundation Pipelines 101 Series: Managing Pipelines Crossing Landslides Event Recap

Event Summary:

On October 14, 2021 the Young Pipeliners Associate of Canada (YPAC) hosted the final session of the CEPA Foundation Pipeline 101 series for 2021. During the presentation, our wonderful presenter Doug Dewar provided an overview of reason and causes of the landslide hazard and the current technologies and mitigation practices to manage the pipeline landslide geohazards. If you missed the session a recording can be found below, other sessions in the series can be found here.

About The Presentation: 

Pipelines have been historically and are still routed through landslides.   The presentation provided an overview of:

  • Reasons/causes for these routings/intersections.
  • Ground and pipe monitoring technologies currently used to detect and manage pipeline landslide geohazards.  Recent revolutionary LiDAR and ILI technologies are highlighted.
  • Current landslide hazard management and mitigation practices.
  • Future landslide hazard management evolution through the integration of current ground and pipe monitoring technologies. 

About the Speaker:

Doug Dewar is a middle-aged practicing engineer who manages Pembina Pipelines’ geohazard management program. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering from the University of New Brunswick prior to being deported from the Maritimes to complete a Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Alberta. Doug has spent over 25 years working for consultants and the pipeline industry as a landslide mechanics/geohazard management specialist. Interests include leveraging inline inspection inertial measurement (IMU) and axial strain technologies to improve the geohazard management. Conference paper and joint industry practice publications include IMU feature, AXIAL strain feature and soil/pipeline interactions classification systems.  Doug has developed the first real time watercourse depth of cover tracking system. He volunteers as the chair for the International Pipeline Conference Geohazards track and torments perspective authors as a technical reviewer.

Doug is married with two teenage boys and has 3 standard Dachshunds – Sir Lincolnshire, Heinz and Genoa. To the best of his knowledge, Doug has never been hired for his looks.