Ishrat Oishee

Get to know Ishrat Oishee, UCalgary Chapter Chair

Why did you join Young Pipeliners?

Having my core values rooted in sustainability and environmental preservation, I’m an ardent supporter of pipelines. Pipelines are the safest and the most sustainable ways to transfer oil and gas while simultaneously meeting the growing energy demand and the commitment to a greener future. And yet, building and operating pipelines have become increasingly difficult in recent times. I believe that the root of this problem is the absence of energy literacy in the population. Having the opportunity to work in a high stake capital project like Keystone XL, and seeing firsthand how lack of energy literacy impacts the advancement of a pipeline, I believe that for pipelines to be part of the energy future we must ensure energy awareness so that we can separate scientific facts from fiction. A robust economy is not feasible without access to reliable energy for our communities. Safe and sustainable access to resources is achievable with pipelines. I joined Young Pipeliners to ensure pipelines are part of our green energy future.

Outside of Young Pipeliners, I’m passionate about… 

I’m passionate about travelling, photography, and trying local coffee shops/restaurants. I love mountains! Living close to the Canadian Rockies is a blessing for me! In the summer, I spend most weekends in the mountains. 

When you’re flying, are you all about the window seat or the aisle seat?  

Window seat always. Looking out of the window to watch cotton-like fluffy clouds is one of my favourite things to do on an airplane. I especially like sunrise/sunset in the skies. 

Name one item you can’t travel without and why.

I cannot travel without compression socks. For long-haul flights, I must have compression socks because I’m susceptible to leg and foot swelling.

What new or rediscovered hobbies are you doing while practicing social distancing?

I’m an avid reader. I read every day. I read everything, but I particularly like historical thrillers. However, recently, I’m especially enjoying religious and spiritual books.