Molly Beckel

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Get to know Molly Beckel, YPAC President & CEO (2020-2021)

As Young Pipeliners’ President and CEO, I am the face of the organization, and provide the senior level co-ordination and strategy for our teams.  The best part is thinking about the future, and trying to find ways to better serve our members, volunteers, and executives.

What is your tried and true coronavirus cabin-fever buster?

I go for a morning walk before starting my day.  It gets me outside, gives me time to talk to my partner, and helps convince me that the world is still out there and isn’t as scary as I thought it was.

Outside of Young Pipeliners, I’m passionate about…

Figuring out how to get outside while living in Toronto.  For Winter: Trying every cross-country ski location within 2 hours of the city (turns out there are lots of them!).  For Summer: Getting comfortable with Toronto-based sport climbing locations and leading some routes.  For Fall: Embarking on a canoe-camping trip. 

What book have you drawn the most inspiration from?

I am currently reading Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates.  It’s a great way to look at global health through the lens of empowering women.

How would you spend the afternoon in a new city?

Walk to an art museum, grab a coffee & lunch at a café, and hunt for a great vintage shop so that I can explore a cozy neighborhood.    

Do you have any professional regrets? If so, what advice would you give young pipeliners?

Say yes and put your hand up.  If you’re bored, that’s a sign that you need to talk to your leader.  When I first started at TC, I was used to being on 4-month co-op terms where things moved really fast, and you had to be on boarded and contributing quickly.  It was hard to adjust to having a long-term “real” job.  I expected my manager to give me lots to do, every day, right away.  When that didn’t happen, I got bored and disillusioned.  I considered quitting.  I needed to speak up and say something, and I wasted six months of my time and significant personal suffering by saying nothing.