Robert LeBlanc

Get to know Robert LeBlanc, Atlantic Chapter Co-Chair

How would you spend an afternoon in a new city?

Love trying new food from different cultures, find a great bistro, café, restaurant which is known for its culinary difference and experience is on the top of the list.  Exploring the older parts of the city and parks, nice to get out and stretch following a long flight or car ride.

Outside of Young Pipeliners, I’m passionate about…

Spending time with my family (Wife, Daughter (6) and Son (4)) and explore our province (Nova Scotia).  COVID has shifted many of our focuses in life and having had the additional time spend with family has lessened the impacts of COVID and has allow us to also see new places within our province or country.

Why did you join Young Pipeliners?

Growing up in Atlantic Canada the knowledge base of the Oil & Gas industry is limited. I see the Young Pipeliners platform as a great way to educate a wide range of professional with the goal to change the perception and narrative of the Oil & Gas industry in Atlantic Canada.  In addition, a great opportunity for professional and personal growth.

How you think the Canadian pipeline industry will change over the course of your career?

Pipeline industry has changed drastically in the last 10 years, more regulations, getting gas to export (LNG).  There need to be a balance of regulations and support to boost the Canadian Economy.  I think it is still a key source of clean fuel which will help bring use to Net Zero emission as we transfer from coal and oil power generation. 

How do you measure success in your career?

Have a great backbone in an organization is a pillar for success.  Being part of an organization who has great core values, culture (work life balance) and able to develop relationships with peers and leaders lends to a successful career.