Saharsh Shah

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Get to know Saharsh Shah, Chair – Value to Young Pipeliners Committee

Why did you join Young Pipeliners?

As a young EIT within the pipeline industry, I wanted to learn more about the industry and Young Pipeliners provided me with an avenue to get myself immersed in the world of pipelines. Within Young Pipeliners, I can connect with other young professionals and students who are committed to addressing the current challenges the pipeline industry faces through collaborative advocacy and innovation.

How would you spend an afternoon in a new city?

I enjoy travelling to new cities! On a typical vacation, I would hit the popular touristy spots around the city. As I wander out and about the city, I try to immerse myself with the local culture and architecture. Along the way, I would try to experience different cuisines the city has to offer.

Your tried and true coronavirus cabin-fever buster?

My practiced true coronavirus cabin-fever buster activity is physical activity! Every morning, I engage myself in bodyweight exercises or if the weather is kind to me, I will try to squeeze a morning run to my routine. Being physically energized every morning allows me to perform my best throughout the day. 

Outside of Young Pipeliners, I’m passionate about…

I am passionate about volunteerism. I believe making a difference in my community is the most rewarding aspect of life, and I can form connections with other exceptional individuals. With the relations formed via volunteering, I can understand their perspectives and opinions, which can shape my viewpoint on a mutual issue. I also enjoy travelling! Fun fact, I lived on three different continents around the world in the last two decades.

From who or from where do you draw inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from my parents. As mentioned earlier, I lived on three different continents, but each move to a new continent means starting a new life from scratch for our family. My parents persevered through these challenges and allowed our family to flourish at any part of the globe. Their grit and drive for success inspires me to achieve my goals in the face of adversity.