Stella Cunha

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Get to know Stella Cunha, Value to Young Pipeliners Advisor

Your tried and true coronavirus cabin-fever buster?

Doing something to get my body moving in the morning, before sitting in front of the computer, even if it’s just putting dishes in the dishwasher or start laundry. I believe it helps warming up for the day ahead.

Outside of Young Pipeliners, I’m passionate about…

Outdoors as well, and traveling! I love hiking during summer and skiing during winter, and planning my next trips and adventures.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“Don’t take things too personally at work”. This doesn’t mean not caring about your career and professional relationships, it means to not beat yourself about a situation or to not overly introject a situation as a failure that is a representation of your value and worth as a person. However do be disappointed/ frustrated, and do seek to understand what happened, and learn and grow from the experience.

What new or rediscovered hobbies are you doing while practicing social distancing?

I finally have time to catch up on my reading and to do some online courses that I’ve been postponing for months.

What book have you drawn the most inspiration from?

Go Giver, by Bob Burg. This was my first personal development/business reading, and it really changed my view of life and business in general, really recommend it.