Commitment to Quality from the Young Pipeliners Perspective

Graham Pavlik, P. Eng. (YPAC Vancouver Chapter Chair) and Terry Brar, P. Eng. share their findings

YPAC recently looked to our Young Professional colleagues for their perspective on the Pipeline Industry’s Commitment to Quality and presented the results at the 2019 CEPA Quality Summit in Calgary on October 30th. Results showed that the majority of respondents believe the pipeline industry is committed to quality however there could be more time allocated in the planning phases of projects to ensure quality throughout the project.  It was also recommended to include Young Professionals in decisions related to incorporating new technology in a corporation to improve quality.

Download the full presentation (including summarized data) here:

The CEPA Foundation Quality Definition:

“Quality” means that the expectations of industry, regulators and the public are addressed, met or exceeded throughout the pipeline life cycle in reference to the product provided, processes delivered and services administered. A pipeline constructed and operated to a high level of quality is safe, reliable, has minimal environmental impact and has a high level of availability. The processes used to build and operate the pipelines are repeatable.”

Graham and Terry analyzed the question: does the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry do a good job of incorporating technology to improve quality?

They asked survey respondents to provide an example of how the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry could improve its Commitment to Quality? Some selected answers included:

  • Lead the way with more new technologies.
  • More collaborations and consistencies on how we manage the safety and integrity of our pipelines.
  • Putting actual dollars and significant effort towards improving data quality and records for assets