Jump-start Your Career in Electricity

Be visible, pay attention, follow up, and make deliberate efforts to not fade into the background. Highlight your accomplishments, and volunteer. This is the ethos which has guided YPAC President and CEO, Molly Beckel, through her career, taking her from school in Ontario and touching down in Alberta, California, China, Mexico, and back again.

On November 5th, Molly joined several industry leaders to discuss jump starting a career in the electricity and energy sector, and how to make the most out of your 9 to 5. When asked what keeps Molly excited about her role, she shared that it’s all about the development opportunities which keep her particularly fulfilled. “I get to manage an outstanding team full of great ideas. We don’t shy away from the critical challenges facing our generation (climate change, reconciliation, and innovation). We’re actively trying to find ways that the industry can change, so that it can better attract and retain young people.”

“In the pipeline industry, We have a huge role to play in Canada’s journey to net-zero; you can’t deliver on ambitious energy change without pipelines. From gas which is being used as a feedstock switch from coal, to carbon from CCUS, hydrogen, biogas and biofuels, waste heat and steam – you name it, a pipeline is there linking the supply to the demand.” “You are literally building the energy future of Canadawhat’s not exciting about that?” responded Molly when asked why a young professional should consider a career in the Canadian electricity or energy industry.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

The session closes with a key insight from the panel: “getting involved with an out-side group allowed me to make a huge career leap, because I was able to get involved and be inspired. Find and surround yourself with people that make you want to contribute beyond your day-to-day role…you never know where it will lead you!”

This session, which joins two earlier career planning panels and webinars YPAC facilitated this year (see recaps for Surviving and Thriving during Economic Downturns & Navigating the Career Ladder). You can check out a full-length recording of the panel discussion on the ElectricityHR website!