Thank you Plex Projects!

On October 9th, YPAC welcomed Landon Lonsberry, President and CEO of Plex Projects to present an, “Introduction to Pipeline Decommissioning and Abandonment,” to the YPAC Edmonton Chapter.

During his presentation, Landon shared his expertise of working on pipeline change of service projects across North America. Discussion topics included: pipeline deactivation, reactivation, decommissioning and abandonment.

Highlighted Event Learnings:

1. Effective pipeline decommissioning and abandonment is a timely topic given the amount of aging infrastructure in Canada and the United States.

2. Change of service project solutions are highly varied and depend on unique project conditions (eg. physical characteristics, location, operation background and environmental factors).

3. Cost management is a critical aspect when planning pipeline change of service projects, as they are not growth enhancement in nature.

4. Pipeline change of service projects are expected to continue to evolve from a regulatory requirement view in the coming years.

About Plex Projects: The team at Plex Projects has extensive experience in project management, specifically in pipeline change of service planning and execution. Their change of service projects balance cost-effectiveness, environmental impact and public safety.