Exceptional Young Pipeliner

Exceptional Young Pipeliner: Amanda KapronczaiCapture

At YPAC, we support and encourage young pipeliners to achieve great things in their careers and make a positive impact in the Canadian energy pipeline sector. Because we have so many amazing members, we are launching our new “Exceptional Young Pipeliners” feature that will highlight individuals who are making valuable contributions to their companies and our industry.

The first exceptional young pipeliner we are profiling is Amanda Kapronczai, a Senior Engineer at Enbridge. Amanda joined YPAC because she thought it would be a great network of individuals to be connected with. “The vision, mission, and goals of the organization are meaningful to me, and align with my personal views on sustainability and diversity in the industry.” She is also involved with the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI), which has given her the opportunity to apply and expand her technical skills and knowledge. “I have already connected with some really knowledgeable individuals across the pipeline industry.” Amanda was part of the inaugural Emerging Leaders in Technical Excellence program, a partnership between PRCI, YPAC and YPP USA. Going forward, I see involvement with PRCI as an avenue for industry advocacy, influencing technology development, and finding innovative ways to keep our pipeline systems safe by working together. I think all of these things will shape me as a technical leader moving forward in my career.” As she works toward becoming a leader in her area of expertise, Amanda understands the value of a good mentor, which she believes is not only important for career development but in other areas of life as well. “I have been fortunate to have formed meaningful relationships with a number of individuals that have given me the tools and confidence to move forward in my career thus far. I also have a few key peer mentors [and] we strive to amplify and support one another.” Amanda is looking forward to expanding her mentoring relationships with others in the industry and we certainly hope that she will have more opportunities to share her own valuable knowledge and experiences.

Thanks to the dedication, knowledge, and safety mindset of young pipeliners like Amanda Kapronczai, we believe the future of Canada’s energy pipeline sector will be in good hands!