“Are Pipelines in the Public Interest?”: Nancy Manchak shares her highlights from YPAC’s Recent Edmonton Event

Nancy Manchak is the YPAC Edmonton Chapter Chair and an Engineer, Asset Integrity Projects, at Enbridge

On March 18th, the Edmonton YPAC Chapter hosted over forty attendees for their first event of 2019! The event centered on the non-technical aspects of pipeline development in Canada, including advocacy and potential impacts of the currently proposed Bill C-69 Federal Regulatory Legislation.

The event started with a presentation by Steve Rennick (Manager, Citizen Engagement for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers), who spoke on the evolution of the CAPP Energy Citizens Program. Since 2015, the Energy Citizens program has grown from having 15,000 members primarily located in Alberta, to include over 130,000 members across Canada. The Energy Citizens program focuses on energy industry advocacy and public outreach, with membership open to all members of the public through the program website.

The evening’s keynote presentation was given by Martha Hall Findlay, who is the CEO of the Canada West Foundation. The Canada West Foundation is an independent, non-partisan public policy think tank that focuses on the policies that shape the West, and by extension, Canada. Through evidence-based research and commentary, the Canada West Foundation provides practical solutions to tough public policy challenges at home and on the global stage.

Martha’s keynote focused on the proposed Bill C-69, and implications that the legislation will have on the Canadian pipeline and energy industries. The event provided attendees with an open, and non-polarized venue to discuss successes and challenges of Bill C-69, with a wholesome discussion accompanying the presentation.

Some discussion highlights included:

1. YPAC brings a new perspective to policy discussions. This viewpoint is critical as today’s regulatory changes have the potential to significantly impact the future of young Canadians. Given this, it is important for young pipeliners to engage with, and understand the impact of regulatory changes in Canada (specifically Bill C-69).

2. Non-partisan and non-polarized information is available for review from independent groups, such as the Canada West Foundation.

3. Young Pipeliners are encouraged to share their views about the new Bill C-69 legislation before it becomes law by communicating with their MP and Senators.

YPAC Edmonton Chapter Executive Members, Nick, Daryl, and Nancy along with CWF CEO Martha Hall Findlay

If you are interested in learning more about Bill C-69, the Canada West Foundation has provided the following materials for reference.

Canada West’s main report on Bill C-69 recommendations from February 2019: We can get this right 

One page backgrounder on Bill C-69: Improve, but don’t replace, the National Energy Board

C-69 Policy brief: Rebooting Bill C-69