Introducing the YPAC 2017 Pipeline Lifecycle Series: From Idea to In-Service



Our society has progressed in a new era. In this presentation series, we hope to take a holistic approach what it takes to build a pipeline in this modern age; from the global market forces which govern supply & demand, to how we engage the stakeholders in developing safe, sustainable pipeline projects.


The goal of this series is to provide Young Pipeliner’s with the information needed in order to understand the market we are operating in.


2017 Brochure

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Lifecycle Series Schedule

Market Fundamentals  – Feb 28

Learn about the major market players in the oil and gas industry. This session will provide an overview of the global supply and demand hubs. Outlining the latest industry trends and future market forecast.


Connecting Markets – TBD

Gain insight into how companies assess the economics associated with various transportation methods, and how this infrastructure can be used to connect supply sources to major demand hubs. Learn about the optionality available for transportation infrastructure and the costs and risks associated with connect markets.


Pipeline Project Development – TBD

This session will focus on the development of sustainable pipeline projects. Learn how to appropriately engage stakeholders and negotiate with local communities to ensure that your company can create projects that are safe, reliable, and minimize environmental impact.


New Pipeline Technologies – TBD

Learn about the various technologies being explored by
research institutes around the world that aim to improve the reliability of pipelines. Gain an understanding of some of the new projects and products that have been developed to improve the safety and operability of pipelines within various types of industries.