Introducing Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP)

Our industry is evolving, and our organization is evolving too. Today, our leadership team announced rebranding of our name after a rigorous strategy review.

Moving forward, Young Pipeliners’ Association of Canada (YPAC) will be known as Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP).


YEIP was founded in 2012 to address the generational knowledge gaps that exist in the Canadian energy pipeline industry. Pipeline as an individual component was a major solution for the energy industry, and we needed young professionals to continue developing this solution.

Today, the energy solutions that our society demands are rapidly evolving, and future solutions requires broader systems thinking. This means that pipelines alone will not be the solution; pipelines will be a critical part of the “bigger solution”, which is new ecosystems of various components working together. At the core of these new sustainable energy ecosystems, there will be a foundational backbone called “energy infrastructure”.

As we develop this more integrated and sustainable energy infrastructure backbone, we will require an unprecedented rate of innovation and paradigm shifts in thinking. With their fresh perspectives and new ideas, young professionals will be at the forefront of this effort.

Our Mission & Mandates

With the new name and the background for change, we have also refined our mission and mandates


  • Empowering young professionals to shape a sustainable future with energy infrastructure


  • Increase the influence of young professionals in energy policy and industry leadership
  • Facilitate a platform for exchange and development of ideas
  • Advocate for effective energy infrastructure to accelerate a sustainable energy future

What’s Next?

Name change is just the beginning. While continuing to provide knowledge transfer events and connect young industry professionals across the country as we have done in the past, we will dedicate our energy to new initiatives that are aligned to our new mission and mandates. We will be announcing these initiatives as we move forward in the future.

We are excited to be opening this new chapter as an organization. We hope you will join us in empowering young professionals to shape a sustainable future with energy infrastructure!

YEIP Leadership Team