Look How Far We’ve Come

About a year ago, the idea to have a Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC) was brought forth by some concerned pipeline industry veterans. Who’s going to replace all those baby boomers after they retire? Who’s going to fill the technical skills gap? What are we doing now to protect the longevity of our industry?

The long-term success of any industry depends upon fostering the interest and skills of all students and employees; ensuring that experiences and knowledge can be passed on from one generation of leaders to the next.

The following vision and mission statements guide the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC).

Vision: Connecting Pipeliners!


  • Be a Canada-wide network of pipeline professionals focused on attracting and retaining young people to this industry
  • Provide opportunities for young individuals to learn the breadth and depth of the industry
  • Facilitate passing knowledge from mature to young pipeliners, and, as a result, build a positive future for Canada’s pipeline industry

Modeled after a similar group in Australia, YPAC has created their own image in Canada; with huge aspirations! YPAC hopes to engage young pipeliners all across the country.

In little over a year (post August 2012), the organization has grown from roughly ten members to just over 250; the organization is growing leaps and bounds.  Over the past year, two YPAC golf tournaments have been held.  One in conjunction with the International Pipeline Conference (IPC 2012) and another this year to raise funds for Indspire; an Institute designed to provide key building blocks that establish an online community for Indigenous students, educators, parents, leaders, and sponsors.

YPAC has also sent numerous Young Pipeliners to IPC 2012, to the Banff Pipeline Workshop held during April 2013, and a few YPAC members to the Rio Pipeline Conference held just recently in September.  The last year included four industry speakers and the annual YPAC Ski Trip.  The industry speakers have covered all spectrums of the pipeline industry.  Dr. Phil Hopkins presented on the public perception of pipeline risk, while Dr. Alan Murray gave a presentation on the basics of pipelines (design through to construction), Bob Smyth covered the basic design elements in CSA Z662; lastly, Adam Lind presented on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain line existing and future plans.

For those working behind the scenes, there have been plenty of meetings to massage the vision for YPAC and to develop the go-forward strategy on a 2-5 year basis.  Coming soon is the YPAC Committee for the 2014-2015 time frame whose aim will be to begin an Edmonton division of YPAC and nurture our relationships both within industry and with the student population.  If you would like to get involved or help out YPAC, please email us at info@ypacanada.com or visit our website at www.ypacanada.com.  Never has there been a more opportune time to join the pipeline industry and make your mark!  YPAC will connect you to whom you need to know in industry!