November Update – CEPA Fall Conference, Ski Trip, Pipeline Videos Worth Sharing with Friends

Happy Belated Halloween!

Hope you had a chance to dress-up and have some fun this past weekend.  Many were also given the chance to sleep an extra hour as the clocks fell back.  This past week, some of the YPAC Executive were able to attend the CEPA Foundation Fall Conference in Victoria BC.  The three day session was a huge success for the YPAC Exec, we were given 15 minutes to present to many of the companies in the pipeline supply chain in not only Canada, but North America.  YPAC was applauded for its valuable efforts in attracting and retaining young talent to our wonderful industry.  Many pivotal contacts were established that of which will need to be followed up with in the coming weeks.  To find out more about the CEPA Foundation Fall Conference and other events coming up, please visit the CEPA website.

Ski Trip Update – an announcement will be forthcoming in the next week about the Annual YPAC ski trip to Revelstoke BC.  This resort is phenomenal.

Next Speaker Event: Keep you calendars open for Thursday November 20th!  The topic is very timely revolving around LNG Projects in British Columbia.

Have friends asking questions about pipelines and their importance?  Career opportunities in the pipeline industry? Have them view these three videos.

Careers in Pipelines: Keeping Modern Life Flowing (2013)

Careers in Pipeline: Keeping Modern Life Flowing (2012)

Pipelines – Here, There, Everywhere?

Have a wonderful week,