Online Courses and In Class Training Seminars

Exciting news to all YPAC Members,

Corrosion Management in the Oil and Gas Industry:

YPAC on behalf of CorrMagnet Consulting Inc. invite you to participate in the online course, “Corrosion Management in the Oil and Gas Industry” that starts from April 25, 2014.  This 42-week online course will be offered on Fridays, at 11:00 am (EST).  The course schedule and registration details are available at:; (under “online training” tab).  The attached electronic flyer presents an overview of the course.

Participants may join the full course or selected modules of their interest. In view of supporting young professionals, CorrMagnet would offer members of YPAC the student price for the courses, i.e., almost half of the regular price.

The online course will use the book “Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry” as reference material.  More information about this book may be obtained from me=search.

Tiratsoo Technical Offer:

YPAC members receive a 10% discount on all Clarion and Tiratsoo Technical training courses wherever they are held.  The offer is restricted to current YPAC members only, and is not exchangeable with non-members from the same company, etc. It also cannot be combined with other discounts such as for PIPE members, etc. All participants will be cross-checked to ensure they are members of YPAC.

Please email if you have further questions.