Thank you Rotork!

On November 7th, Rotork hosted YPAC Edmonton members for a Speaker Event and Facility Tour at their Edmonton location. The evening started with an overview of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic actuator methods applicable to the pipeline sector. Ben Wanke, Rotork Senior Application Engineer,  continued the presentation by diving into technical components of actuators and considerations relevant to actuator sizing and selection.

The facility tour component of the event was led by Brian Bristol, Rotork Senior Technical Advisor, and included live demos of a 10” ball valve actuation and a butterfly valve actuator assembly.

Key Event Learnings:

  • Actuators play a critical role in pipeline operations due to their ability to operate and isolate pipeline remotely
  • It is important for actuators to see regular use to maximize reliability (eg. through scheduled stroking)
  • Actuator applications can vary with temperature, service fluid and operating requirements -with these factors having a large impact on the final engineered design

Thank you Rotork for hosting YPAC Edmonton – it was a fantastic learning opportunity for our members!!