We are recruiting for 2022-2023!

Executive positions are open now for 2022-2023! Volunteer terms are from January 2022 – December 2023, with a 2-3 month onboarding/transition period from October – December 2021. Apply here.


  • Online application deadline – August 31, 2021
  • Chair and Executive candidate interviews completed (Round 1) – September 15, 2021
  • Candidate interviews completed (Round 2) – September 22, 2021
  • Selected candidates for all roles announced – September 30, 2021
  • Onboarding period – October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Organizational Structure:

YPAC has roles available in all of our committees, chapters, and advisory councils. New to the organization? Learn more here: Committees, Chapters, and Initiatives – YPAC (ypacanada.com)

Open Roles:

YPAC President – lead the organization in governance, strategy, team performance and external relations
YPAC Vice President – chief of staff, responsible for ensuring the organization runs smoothly and has the capacity, capability, and tools to execute on strategy
YPAC Treasurer – ensure that YPAC’s finances, reporting, and cash flow are healthy and strong

Impact on Industry Committee
Committee Chair – develop and execute YPAC’s external partnerships strategy
Co-Chair, Regulatory – build relationships with regulators and ensure that the voice of the next generation is heard by decision making authorities
Co-Chair, Industry Associations: CEPA/CEPA F, CGA, ASME PSD – manage existing and long-lasting relationships with key partner organizations
Co Chair, Research and Development: PRCI – build the capacity of YPAC to participate in international research
Co-Chair, Educational Institutions – manage relationships with universities across Canada and promote a cohesive strategy nation wide

Communications, Marketing and Government Engagement
Committee Chair – develop and execute YPAC’s communications and marketing strategy and the government engagement strategy
Co-Chair, Marketing and Social Media – grow and expand YPAC’s marketing reach through social and traditional media
Co-Chair, Government Engagement – be the key resource for interacting with municipal, provincial, and federal governments

Organizational Success
Co-Chair, Sponsorship – ensure that YPAC has excellent relationships with our sponsors
Co-Chair, Advisor Engagement – collaborate with a high-functioning advisor group to execute and steer YPAC’s strategy
Co-Chair, Strategy – lead the roll out of the YPAC 5 year plan
Co-Chair, Organizational Excellence – with a focus on continuous improvement, help YPAC to govern the organization successfully and to build outstanding internal systems

Value to Young Pipeliners
Committee Chair – lead a team of individuals to deliver value to our membership across the country with an eye on growth
Co-Chair, 2023 YPAC Conference – design and deliver the flagship event of the organization
Co-Chair, Membership Value and Growth – create a strong value proposition for our membership base which attracts and retains young pipeline professionals throughout Canada

Co-Chair – lead the Calgary Chapter in delivering excellent local events and in building outstanding networks

Co-Chair x 2 – guide the Vancouver Chapter in expanding their regional reach and executing amazing events

Student Chapters
Co-Chairs for University of Regina, Western, and Carleton – we are looking to grow our student chapters in these regions, be a pioneer and kick off an official chapter at your school

Advisory Councils
Co-Chair, Indigenous Inclusion Committee – deliver on YPAC’s Indigenous Inclusion strategy

Volunteer – General
Want to Volunteer with YPAC in another role? Check out our committees and advisory councils and let us know which one is of interest to you!