WINNERS: Rio Pipeline Conference 2013 – YPAC Paper Competition

Dear YPAC members,

Thank you for your submissions for the YPAC Paper Competition to be presented at the Rio Pipeline Conference 2013!  All the abstracts were interesting and each promised to serve as the basis of broadly relevant papers.

The reviewers’ board used the following criteria to select the winning papers:

– Joint perception of the paper’s relevance and potential interest to the conference audience

– Joint perception of the completeness/readiness of the paper’s topic

Based on this criteria the following papers were selected to be advanced to completion and presentation in Rio 2013:

– Student Paper: Sadighian, A. and Sanders, S. “Investigating Key parameters Affecting Slurry Pipeline Erosion”

– Non-Student Paper: McDougall, M., Siemens, M. and Schroeter, C. “Design and Operating Conditions Affecting Pipeline Recovery Following Shut-in of Hot Bitumen Pipelines”

Congratulations to the winners! You will be contacted by a committee member for the next steps of paper preparation and making travel arrangements to Brazil!

We encourage all the other authors to consider proposing their abstracts for consideration by the IPC-2014 organizing committee.


Thank you,

Young Pipeliners Association of Canada & ASME Pipeline Systems Division