YPAC + And Together: Strategy, Culture, and Inclusion Lab

Strategy, Culture and Inclusion Lab for YPAC Members

“I had the privilege of participating in the first ever Strategy, Culture and Inclusion Lab with And Together. I was blown away by the framework the team developed to support participants…even better, I was able to connect with positive powerhouses for change who will undoubtedly make this community better.”

Morgan Craig-Broadwidth, CEO of Working Mother Experience, 2019 YWE Award Winner

The Opportunity

Join And Together and Young Pipeliners Association of Canada as we come together to examine and develop solutions to issues relevant to the energy industry.

As companies adapt their lines of business, build strong focus on ESG, and shift towards a customer-focus and multi-stakeholder approach, another key determinant of success is how quickly organizations will transform. Together with other members from across Canada, we will be exploring how the energy transition must start with organizational culture.

How do we transform organizational culture to help companies in the industry respond to opportunities from energy transition?

We know that corporate longevity is declining, the move to the new energy economy is accelerating and that an engaged Millennial and Gen Z workforce are key to shaping the trajectory of the energy industry.

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll leverage the And Together Framework to understand the cultural challenges that exist in organizations right now, and with your team develop and present a solution that can help the energy industry adapt to the changing environment.

Participants will have the opportunity to present their understanding of the problem and the solution they develop to address it, to an audience of their peers, and key stakeholders in industry, government, and academia in December 2021.

How It Works

Learn At Your Own Pace: Each week a new online presentation is released to help introduce key concepts. Follow along with the And Together guidebook to apply your learnings.

Benefit from Group Perspectives: Connect every week with the YPAC and And Together cohort to discuss key learnings, examine different perspectives and break out into teams to advance your solution.

Get Professional Support: Schedule coaching sessions for your team with an And Together Lead Consultant so you can create and deliver an impactful solution.


Know the Environment | Create understanding of the existing situation using data, systems mapping, individual experiences and exploring stakeholder perspectives.

Understand the Systems | Identify system components and develop system interventions using design thinking principles.

Think Creatively | Learn tactics to encourage out of the box thinking and open yourself and others up to new possibilities.

Examine Assumptions | Challenge your biases and improve your ideas by understanding the key drivers behind your solution.

Communicate and Implement Impactfully | Learn and apply change management and storytelling techniques to communicate and implement your solution.

The Schedule

Each week you’ll participate in a full cohort Zoom call where we review and discuss the weekly content and have time to meet with your team and advance your project. Meetings are held between 4:30 and 6:30pm MT on the following dates:

  • October 7: Kick-off Meeting: Team building + Intro to SCI Lab
  • October 13: Create Shared Understanding
  • October 20: Reframe the Problem
  • October 27: Design and Systems Thinking + Creative Idea Generation
  • November 3: Theory of Change
  • November 10: Test and Validate Assumptions
  • November 17: Develop Recommendations
  • November 24: Communicate with Impact

In addition to the self-paced online learning and cohort sessions described above, each team will receive coaching session with an And Together Lead Consultant.

Participants will share their solutions at a celebration event, scheduled for December 1st. Registration for the celebration event will open on November 1, 2021.

“YPAC is committed to the personal and professional development of young pipeliners. The SCI Lab is an amazing opportunity for our members to learn how to catalyze change in organizations and the industry at large while we build an inclusive energy future.”- Molly Beckel, President and CEO of YPAC

Your Investment

The Strategy, Culture and Inclusion Lab is being offered to YPAC members at a cost of

$250 + GST and Fees

Registration closes October 6, 2021. After your registration has been processed you will be emailed an application form that is used to help match teams and understand the lived experiences and demographics of our participants.

If cost is a barrier and you need to access a scholarship for the fees please send an email to And Together explaining why you are interested in participating in the program. Successful scholarship applicants will be notified no later than October 1st.

We have also created a letter to share with your employer if you are interested in getting reimbursed from your employer for your participation in the program.


A key component of the And Together framework involves using people’s stories of exclusion to help understand the barriers that people face in the workplace. These stories are leveraged as part of the And Together framework and ensure that the solutions our participants develop address real life experiences within companies.

You can read some of the stories we’ve curated to date using the link below.