YPAC & AndTogether’s SCI Lab takes an Inclusive look at Energy Transition

The Energy Industry finds itself at a tipping point, with many societal themes which have emerged over the last decade pushing us closer than ever to the precipice. We’re living through an era of a rise in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investments, a broader Acceptance and Understanding of Climate Change, increasing Volatility in Commodity Prices, a Decline in Corporate Longevity coupled with an emergence of “Market Disruptors & Innovators”, Changing Project Consultation Obligations, Increases to Risk Profiles and Uncertainty for both new projects and existing operations, and an expectation for inclusivity in governance and decision making processes.

Energy Transition is now a mainstream topic of discussion, and major players within the Energy Industry are now facing a very real challenge to innovate, or risk being being left behind, phased out, or displaced. The impetus is clear, but the risks of failure are greater than ever. Meaningful, sustainable, transformational change can be extremely difficult to achieve; we’ve seen examples throughout various industries and literature showing again and again how a significant majority of change initiatives fail to either meet their objectives1, or deliver their intended benefits2.

Understanding that our traditional hydrocarbon economy will remain relevant into the future and a key tool to enable energy transition, YPAC and AndTogether teamed up to examine how hidden or under-addressed Cultural and Inclusivity barriers may be the key to enabling meaningful, sustainable, and transformational change.

Over 8 weeks, five teams of Young Professionals, guided and coached by subject matter experts at AndTogether, examined the current state of the Culture and Inclusion within the energy industry and developed five proposals. These ideas bridge the culture gap, build inclusion into our organizations, and can enable us to navigate through uncertainty and thrive through energy transitions. Together, we can achieve meaningful change.

Hear their stories on the webcast & read more about their ideas below.

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1: https://hbr.org/2000/05/cracking-the-code-of-change

2: https://hbr.org/2021/09/the-secret-behind-successful-corporate-transformations