YPAC Comments on 2019 Canadian Federal Election Results

YPAC calls on the newly elected federal government to ensure that future policy and regulatory decisions reflect a sustainable future for Canada’s pipeline industry in order to retain top talent. We believe that young pipeliners are fundamental to building and maintaining the energy infrastructure that Canada needs to emerge into a low-carbon future.

As the world continues to address climate change, Canadian energy will be an important part of the solution. YPAC represents the millennials and young professionals in the energy industry that are committed to a safe, dependable and sustainable future of the pipeline industry – an industry that is making operational changes and investing in new technologies to reduce emissions and improve efficiencies.

In order to retain talent that will keep the pace of current innovation, we encourage the Canadian government to commit to actions that increase competitiveness, and show that the Canadian energy industry will continue to offer long-term career prospects to young pipeliners.

Established in 2012, the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC) is a non-partisan Canada wide network of over 1,600 young professionals who work in the energy pipeline industry. The vision of YPAC is to ensure the sustainable future of the pipeline industry. YPAC provides educational, mentoring and networking opportunities for members.