YPAC Government Engagement

Ottawa YPAC

We believe that the young pipeliner has a unique story to share – one that can shape Canada’s future!  YPAC wants to ensure that Young Pipeliners have a role in policy making and that their voice is heard.  That’s why we met with federal stakeholders in November.  A link to what we shared with government officials is below.

YPAC Government Engagement Letter

The pipeline industry connects Canada in ways that extend beyond transporting energy from supply to demand. Canadian steel manufacturing, equipment vendors, professional services, environmental management, indigenous rights holders, downstream users, electricity generators – we’re all connected through pipelines and because of that, we’re all involved in how Canada’s energy policy is shaped.

The conversation will continue beyond today as YPAC seeks to engage members more such that they can develop political awareness and policy aptitude.

Have input?  Want to volunteer with the YPAC government engagement team?  Email: info@ypacanada.com