YPAC On Location – 3/4 Year Engineering Dinner

Last night a couple of YPAC execs along with two ASME PSD representatives attended the 3rd/4th Year University of Calgary Engineering Dinner at the Palliser Hotel.  This was a great opportuntiy for YPAC to spread the word about what our organization aims to accomplish and how we plan on engaging the next generation of talent.  Beyond the networking opportunities, there was an excellent speech that honed in on leadership.  Drew Dudley captivated the audience for 45 minutes with his invigorating speech, “Leadership in an Economy of Scarcity – How to Win”.

A huge thank you goes out to the Engineering Students Society at the University of Calgary for throwing an excellent event and having YPAC as guests!  YPAC is excited to explore future opportunities for collaboration!

Thank you to ASME PSD for their continued dedication and support of YPAC and its initiatives.

Leadership is often about making one big decision – a decision to make many consistent small, positive decisions. It’s important to recognize the profoundly positive impact that can come from seemingly insignificant actions.

When I speak publicly, my focus is on sharing stories that I hope highlight how the biggest determinants of what people think of us, and our organizations, are not the things on which we focus the most time and money.

I’ve discovered that it is not the goals we set, or even the goals we reach that most significantly shape peoples’ impressions of us. Rather, it’s how we choose to go about accomplishing our goals on an everyday basis that plays the most significant role in shaping whether or not we are perceived as leaders.” – Posted by