YPAC Pursuing Joint Ventures and Collaboration

YPAC has many exciting opportunities on the table.  First off, YPAC is in talks with the Oil and Gas Magazine (OGM www.theogm.com) in hopes of increasing our visibility to our target audience, young pipeliners and to the oil and gas industry as a whole.  Secondly, a couple of YPAC committee representatives recently met with Brad Gaulin, Chief Executive Officer of BIXnets, to discuss what opportunities may exist by utilizing the BIXnets mentoring and business intelligence exchange platform.  YPAC encourages members to investigate the BIXnets platform and visit the website www.bixnets.com, as there is a relevant article to the well-being of our industry going forward, “Pipe or Perish: Saving an Oil Industry at Risk”.

If you know of a joint venture or collaboration opportunity that YPAC should consider pursuing, please email the committee at info@ypacanada.com – Thank you!