YPAC’s Anita Le – How are Young Pipeliner’s Shaping the Industry?

CEPA got up close and personal with Anita Le to better understand why young people choose to pursue a career in pipelines, and how they can work towards shaping the future of the industry.

Q: What kinds of careers are there for young people in the pipeline industry?
Anita: The possibilities really are endless. There are the obvious careers such as engineers, environmental advisors, project managers, draftspeople and so forth. Then there are other less obvious careers, such as accounting, IT, legal, communications, graphic design and so much more.

Q: Are young people entering the pipeline industry experiencing any negative reactions toward their choice?
Anita: We do have the perception that there is a lot of negativity surrounding the fossil fuel industry and the pipeline industry. But, in fact, polls have shown that the overwhelming majority of Canadians do support pipelines. Unfortunately, those who are very opposed are extremely vocal.