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YPAC is continuously striving to organize opportunities for young professionals to learn, network, and develop into valued members of the pipeline industry.

Join the movement and help shape the future of the industry.

  • YPAC is uniquely positioned to resonate with young professionals because we are part of the industry and part of the next generation of leaders, offering a platform to build brand awareness amoung the next generation of industry talent.
  • YPAC is a voice for young pipeliners and advocates on their behalf with both government and industry associations.
  • YPAC works collaboratively with employers in the pipeline industry to create a learning environment which develops the full potential of our members and fosters informed excellence in the pipeline industry, offering opportunities to advance and transfer knowledge.
  • YPAC attracts and retains prospective talent through events and meaningful communications, and offers a platform to build professional networks.
Collaboration with YPAC offers unique value. Please view our sponsorship package for more information on how you can contribute to the next generation of pipeline industry leaders.