YEIP releases “YEIP Report 2023”, an inaugural report that consolidates the perspectives of young energy infrastructure professionals across Canada 

YEIP is pleased to announce the publication of its inaugural report, “YEIP Report 2023: Building the backbone of sustainable energy future”, which consolidates the perspectives of young energy infrastructure professionals on three important topic areas that will have a significant impact on their future in the Canadian energy industry. 

The report is based on the listening efforts (“YEIP Listens”) that have taken place over the past months, involving podcasts, workshops, panel discussions, and written participations. 

The report covers the following three topic areas: 

  • Sustainable energy future: From climate change and energy mix of the future to energy infrastructure development, what do young professionals working in the infrastructure segment of the Canadian energy industry think about these topics? 

  • Biodiversity & energy infrastructure: Led by the United Nations, a historic agreement was reached in December 2022 among the Conference of Parties (180+ countries) to protect 30% of ecosystem (land and water) by 2030. Since energy infrastructure is directly built on land and water, this agreement has significantly implications on our industry. What do young energy infrastructure professionals think about this global direction, and how do they envision the industry’s future in this space? 

  • Sustainable jobs plan: The uncertainty of the energy transition poses a profound impact on young energy infrastructure professionals, who have 30+ years of career left to navigate in the energy industry. How do young professionals think our society can make sure that energy transition is equitable and just for all people, including the young professionals in the industry? 

YEIP suggests important paradigm-shifts in the current industry thinking for the three topic areas: 

  • Sustainable energy future: Shift from individual asset-based (e.g., pipeline, solar farm, power plant, etc.) thinking to a systemic infrastructure-based thinking; 

  • Biodiversity & energy infrastructure: Shift from thinking of energy infrastructure development as a ‘net negative’ activity for biodiversity to thinking of it as a ‘net positive’ activity that can co-exist and create synergies with biodiversity; 

  • Sustainable jobs plan: Shift from under-consideration of young people to recognition of young people as a critical stakeholder group in the context of equitable and inclusive energy transition. 

The report also provides recommendations for action by various stakeholders, such as industry associations, employers, governments, academia, and civil society, to support the aspirations and concerns of young energy infrastructure professionals in Canada. 

The report is available for download at 

Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP) is a professional association for early-career individuals in the infrastructure segment of the Canadian energy industry. YEIP aims to empower young professionals to shape a sustainable future with energy infrastructure by increasing the influence of young professionals in energy policy and industry leadership, facilitating a platform for exchange and development of ideas, and advocating for effective energy infrastructure to accelerate a sustainable energy future. 

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